Healthy Culture Change Services

work safety

Sexual Harassment Culture and Bully-Prone Environments

If you are worried your organization could be showing signs of becoming bully-prone, or is demonstrating sexual harassment symptoms, shifting unhealthy or unsafe behaviours like these towards healthy and safe ways of interacting is important. Environment and culture change services are available whether your organization is showing early indicators of these issues, or they have taken root and seem endemic.

Gossip, Passive Aggressive, Negativity- Prone Workplaces

Backbiting, covert aggression and chronic resentment can erupt or evolve slowly.  Assistance in shifting these behaviours towards increasingly respectful, clear and solution focussed interactions is available.

Depressed and Anxious Environments

A depressed or anxious workplace is characterized by a general and palpable sense of helplessness, dread, worry and fatigue. Environments can change becoming more hopeful, relaxed and healthy.


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