Leadership Training



Powerful Minds: Using Mindfulness To Motivate Yourself

Create habits of mind that ensure success.  Realize your potential, overcome resistance and fear, and increase your happiness, by harnessing the power of your mind.

Powerful People: Using Self Awareness To Manage

Learn about what makes you tick and how to leverage this to lead and manage others. Stay balanced, authentic and proactive in your leadership role, no matter what the day throws at you.

Powerful Teams: Building High Performance Teams

Build camaraderie and esprit de corps and lead your team using a customized team vision and code. 

Mentor To Motivate

Motivate staff by mentoring them effectively.  Use motivational goal setting with subordinates to increase accountability and engagement at work.

Compassionate Leadership

Reach business objectives by engaging meaningfully and authentically with staff.  Increase your ability to be one who inspires others and gets things done.

Collaborative Leadership

Turn the tide on strained, stressed or conflicted, workplace relationships.  Don’t let festering tensions go, learn what it takes to change negative dynamics.



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