Return to Work Services


If you have been off on disability and are considering returning to work, it is important to have a plan. Employers or insurers may assist you, but it is also important to work with a psychologist when considering how you want to return to your employment.

We work with you to create a comprehensive return-to-work plan that incorporates your medical and psychological needs. The plan helps create a smooth transition back into work.

Gradual Return to Work Plans:

Are you planning to return to work or being asked to by your employer or insurer?  Planning a psychologically healthy return to work strategy that gives you the best chance of success, after time away from work, is an important step.

Facilitated Return to Work Services:

An important part of returning to work is working with your employer to ensure a healthy transition.  This includes discussing your return to work needs, as well as engaging in conversations with those with whom you will be working when you return.  This may be the time to have workplace conversations facilitated by a professional.  These differ from mediated conversations in that they assist you in meeting your return to work goals and finding a way forward for all parties involved.


Contact us for an appointment to begin formulating a return-to-work strategy that works for you and your career.

*Dr. Jennifer Newman is a registered psychologist and director of Newman Psychological and Consulting Services Ltd., a Vancouver-based corporate training and development partnership. She can be contacted at:


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