4 Reasons Your Potential New Boss Checks Your Social Profiles


Looking for a job isn’t easy.

And, finding the right person for that job, isn’t a cakewalk either.

Job applicants and recruiters alike, turn to methods besides resumes and interviews for help.

Employers are known to look at LinkedIn or scan FaceBook to check out job candidates.

And applicants use their social networking sites to attract job offers.

Here are three tips for putting your best foot forward on-line:

1. Understand How Employers Use Social Networking Sites

They’re looking at LinkedIn to see if you fit the job.  Employers want to see your education, volunteering roles and job experience on LinkedIn.

On FaceBook, employers are looking to see if you are a fit with the organization.  Would your personality and values fit with the culture of the organization to which you are applying?

2. Remember Online Profiles Say A Lot About You.

Research in the Journal of Personnel Psychology, shows there’s a connection between what your online profile says about you and who you actually are.

Employers look at the number of friends someone has to assess their network. They use Facebook to figure out how extroverted an applicant is.  They glean details about how conscientious, or happy-go-lucky you are as well. The level of detail you give is a clue including everything from spelling and grammar, to how much effort you put into crafting your social networking sites. 

 They also use it to look at whether the candidate seems impulsive or neurotic. They can tell if you are a worrier, or tend to be spontaneous or risk taking.

3. Don’t Sweat The Pictures

According to the researchers, recruiters don’t focus on this as much as applicants think they do. They don’t put much stock in pictures. And, if someone is partying, it’s not given that much weight.

They are more interested in what the profile says about job-related things. They’ll focus on whether the candidate seems knowledgeable and enjoys life. Are they active in sports, or have hobbies or interests that show they’ll fit in?

4.  Tailor Your Social Networking Sites To Showcase You and Your Talents

Make sure you give recruiters the information they need. Keep your education record up to date. Add recent jobs, volunteer opportunities you’ve had. Show you are diligent and have a good work ethic by giving detail.

And, highlight your experience, interests and attitude. Show how your personality and skills are suited to type of industry, jobs or organizations you are interested in. 

Dr. Jennifer Newman is a workplace psychologist and director of Newman Psychological and Consulting Services, an organizational coaching, training and development company.  Identifying information in cases cited has been changed to protect confidentiality.  She can be contacted at: info@drjennifernewman.com

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