Strategic Planning and Policy Development

Psychological Health & Safety Management Systems

Meet Federal Standards (link) for Psychological Health and Safety in your workplace. Create effective Psychological Health and Safety Management Systems that comply with the Canadian National Standard for Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplaces.


Respect Works: Psychologically  Healthy Workplace Solutions

The Integrated Team Approach: Click Here to read about how we operate as a team.


Strategic Planning and Policy Development

  • Emergent Strategic Planning 

    Strategic Planning with stakeholders, particularly with one’s staff is important to tapping future directions for an organization, or departments within an organization.  This service is particularly helpful when strategic planning in a professional environment where self-regulated professionals (e.g., health care professionals, financial industry professionals or legal professionals) are key to an organization’s success.

  • Collaborative Development Process

    Collaborative policy development creates relevant policy with end-users.  Use a co-design process to develop policies that are company specific, or when you need policy to comply with WorkSafeBC requirements or other regulators.

  • Family

    Family therapy assists your family in meeting challenges including  life cycle transitions to newly-wed life, new parenthood, adjusting to life in Canada, death of a loved one, separation/divorce or difficulties with a child, or coping with an empty-nest

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