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Bullying and Harassment

Coaching Services for Impatient, Angry, Aggressive or Bullying Behaviour

If the way you behave, or lead/manage at work is turning into a roadblock for you, your career or others, coaching can help.  Changing behaviour at work can make a difference

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What are Conflict Cultures and How to Handle Them

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Have you ever been in a fight at work?

Your answer probably depends on the way your organization handles conflict and disagreements, and it affects everything from customer service, to creativity, to staff burn-out rates.

According to workplace psychologist Dr.

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Bullying At Work—Has Anything Changed?


WorkSafeBC launched their Bullying and Harassment Toolkit, in 2013.

Employers became responsible for guarding against bullying and harassment.

They had to train workers about bullying and harassing behaviour.

Investigate incidents and respond to complaints.

So, where are we today?


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Workplace Bullying: What to do about it


Bullying at work continues to exist.

This, despite legislation requiring employers to adopt policies targeting on-the-job bullying and harassment.

Find out why the problem persists and what to do about it.

For more on this topic, please listen to the

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Sexual Harassment: Recognize It, Solve It.

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 Can A Sexual Office Culture Change?

Scathing reports about organizational sexual misconduct and its mishandling seem to be rampant lately.

The CBC’s handling of allegations of sexual harassment against Jian Gomenshi and reports of sexual misconduct in the Canadian Military,

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6 Lessons You can Learn from the CBC Scandal

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Beware The Blind Eye

Watch out for turning a blind eye when it comes to disrespect, bullying and sexual harassment.  It’s easy to look away and not take it on.  Even if you have policy and training at your

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Psychological Health and Safety Management Services



Psychological Health & Safety
Management Systems

Meet Federal Standards for Psychological Health and Safety in your workplace. Create effective Psychological Health and Safety Management Systems that

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Handling Difficult Workplace Issues

Bullying and Harassment:

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Unresolved Conflict:

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Unprofessional Behaviour:

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Employers Beware: Cyber-Bullying Could Wreak Havoc in Your Workplace

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Associated most with the school yard– cyberbullying is recognized to occur amongst children and teens.

But, what about amongst adults and in the workplace?

We are seeing a disturbing rise in cyberbullying amongst adults, according to preliminary research in Canada,

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Personal Harassment On The Rise

Just when you thought enough awareness about workplace discrimination, hostile behaviour and other forms of harassment would be leading to a decrease in these things, a study finds these are on the rise.

A recent, groundbreaking study in the Journal

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