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Incivility On The Rise

Incivil, rude

Workplace rudeness is rising.

It’s a subtle increase in poor manners at work–not exchanging greetings like, “hello” or “goodbye”, and failing to use please and thank you. It’s refusing to hold the elevator door for stragglers, or ignoring colleagues and

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Incivility At Work

A lack of civility in the workplace may not necessarily prompt a call to lawyers.

Uncivil behaviour is different from the very serious issues of bullying or harassment.

Still, rude, discourteous boorish, disrespectful and sarcastic behaviour has broad implications for

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Are Nice Workers At A Disadvantage?


There’s the old adage—“Good People Finish Last”.

And, to counter,

There’s the saying, “Civility costs nothing and it buys everything.”

So, which is it?

Is being nice at work, a good thing, or a bad thing?

For more on this

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Sexual Harassment: Recognize It, Solve It.

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 Can A Sexual Office Culture Change?

Scathing reports about organizational sexual misconduct and its mishandling seem to be rampant lately.

The CBC’s handling of allegations of sexual harassment against Jian Gomenshi and reports of sexual misconduct in the Canadian Military,

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Emotional Intelligence Training


The Emotional Intelligence Training Program:

This three-day action and results-oriented program is based on our work with American Express Financial Advisors.  Its proven track record has been documented by Rutger’s University and Daniel Goleman, the best selling author who

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Employers Beware: Cyber-Bullying Could Wreak Havoc in Your Workplace

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Associated most with the school yard– cyberbullying is recognized to occur amongst children and teens.

But, what about amongst adults and in the workplace?

We are seeing a disturbing rise in cyberbullying amongst adults, according to preliminary research in Canada,

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Crabby Family Can Hurt Your Career

Angry family
You arrive home from work, looking for a break after a hectic day.

But, instead you walk into a war zone–everyone is yelling at each other.

Then, when you ask the kids a question, they roll their eyes.

It’s what

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Threats To Employee Psychological Well-Being: Are You Safe?

You probably have the proper safety equipment to ensure you aren’t injured on the job, but what about being kept safe from psychological harm?

Risks that might lead to physical injury in the workplace are given great consideration and thought,

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Emotional Abuse At Work Fosters Questions

Our recent column on the toll emotional abuse takes on staff, and how people cope with it, elicited thoughtful responses from many readers. Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we received:

How can emotional

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Sexual Harrassment of Independent Women

Independent, assertive women with leadership qualities are often a company’s top performers. That’s the good news.

The bad news, according to recent research, is that women with these traits are more likely to be sexually harassed.

And of all the

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