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Managerial Ethics

It’s hard to do the right thing as a manager – especially when you’re not sure what the “right thing” is. Sometimes you must balance your own sense of ethics with organizational pressures.

Take the case of employees at a

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Managers Turn a Blind Eye

When you’re a manager, turning a blind eye to an uncomfortable situation can cause big headaches later on.

For example, managers may put off conversations with underperforming staff. Instead of tackling the issue directly, the leader will allow poor work

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Bullied Managers

Bullying a supervisor may seem counterintuitive – how can a subordinate intimidate someone who has so much power over him or her?

But it happens. While physical violence against supervisors and indeed, co-workers in general , is relatively rare, acts

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Help For Micromanagers

Micromanagers can be the bane of many an employee’s existence.

These types of bosses figuratively breathe over subordinates’ necks. Unwilling to delegate, they feel compelled to get involved in the minutiae of their staff’s jobs. They watch over shoulders, check

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Strike Prevention: Line Supervisors Are Key

A large appliance manufacturer in Ohio discovered serious problems in its employee relations while conducting contract talks with the union representing the workers.

Management found that line supervisors were making mistakes implementing the collective agreement, using a heavy-handed management style

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Beat the Heat and the Smoke at Work

heat stress

It’s hot and smoky due to several wild fires burning in BC.

Staying cool and smoke-free at work is harder when the weather heats up.

Especially for those who work outdoors.

And, not watching your temperature, or following air quality

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The Pros and Cons of a Fun Workplace

fun workplace

Summer is officially upon us.

And, summer is often associated with fun–outside of work.

But, what about having fun at work?

Some like the idea.

Others cringe.

Yet, both have a point.

1.  How did we even start thinking work

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Successful Workplace Relationships




Leadership Services

Executive Coaching

  • Executive Performance Coaching

    Private, exclusive and confidential.  The program tailors telephone consultations, on-site visits, leadership assessments and progress reports in one

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Interpersonal Problems At Work?

For commonly encountered issues and what to do about them, please check out the links below.


 Bullying and Harassment: 


Festering Conflict: 

  • Related
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Sexual Harassment: Recognize It, Solve It.

sexy office, sexual harassment,

 Can A Sexual Office Culture Change?

Scathing reports about organizational sexual misconduct and its mishandling seem to be rampant lately.

The CBC’s handling of allegations of sexual harassment against Jian Gomenshi and reports of sexual misconduct in the Canadian Military,

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