Sexism at Work?


Whether it’s revealed in reports of sexual harassment in the workplace,

Or, the topic of repetitive calls for equal pay for equal work,

Women face subtle and not-so-subtle stereotyping at work.

How do women cope with these sexist attitudes and

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Family Days: Are They A Good Idea?

Happy Family

Family Day has come and gone.

Some looked forward to the holiday.

While others, especially business owners, worried it took a bite out of the bottom line.

Love them or loathe them, Family Day and other kinds of holidays, contribute

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Increasing Job Insecurity & Faster Work Pace Expected For 2016


A sea-change is occurring in the world of work.

Globalization and economic change, plus technological advances and innovations, are having a cumulative effect.

We’re seeing the kinds of work available and what we do every day change.

Even the skills

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Executive Coaching

workplace health


Executive Performance Coaching

Private, exclusive and confidential.  The program tailors telephone consultations, on-site visits, leadership assessments and progress reports in one comprehensive package.

Leader Development Coaching

Managers, small business owners, professional, entrepreneurs and supervisors benefit from an individualized service tailored

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How to Impress Your Boss

How to get in the boss' good books

How to get in the boss’ good books

He holds the keys to your career.

Your promotion is in her hands.

Sometimes it seems your supervisor can make or break you.

Managers have a lot of power over employee’s lives

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What I do on my own time is my business! or is it?




Is your online and personal life causing problems in your professional one?  Take 3 quick minutes to hear how battle the private vs public war.
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Should parents drive children’s career choices?


As a parent you do have an influence.  Listen to how to best go about it.
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