Couples Counselling

If you relationship feels stuck in a rut, or is in crisis, couple’s counselling may be helpful to making lasting change.

Being able to understand each other, resolve conflicts between you, influence one another and take responsibility for one self

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Family Counselling

Family therapy assists your family in meeting challenges including: life cycle transitions like newly-wed life, new parenthood, death of a loved one, difficulties with a child, conflict, impact of work on family life or coping with an empty nest.


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Individual Counselling


Everyone experiences transition, difficulty and doubt. When confronted with situations beyond our control, problems that don’t seem to go away, or overpowering emotions, it is easy to feel worried, helpless, scared and angry.

Rather than enduring difficult times, remaining at

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Return to Work Services

If you have been off on disability and are considering returning to work, it is important to have a plan. Employers or insurers may assist you, but it is also important to work with a psychologist when considering how you

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Bullying and Harassment

Coaching Services for Impatient, Angry, Aggressive or Bullying Behaviour

If the way you behave, or lead/manage at work is turning into a roadblock for you, your career or others, coaching can help.  Changing behaviour at work can make a difference

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