Why Are Women Still Not In Top Jobs?


Women are still missing from top leadership positions in all industries.

In both public and private sectors.

At educational and research institutions around the world.

And, even when the workforce is largely female.

Why does this problem continue to exist?

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Psychological Reasons Employees Unionize

Business team with hands together - teamwork concepts

Would you join a union if you had a choice?

Some like the idea. It’s a way to negotiate better wages and working conditions.

Other’s aren’t interested. They don’t like paying dues, or they want to handle negotiations with their

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Eating at Your Desk ISN’T Productive

Eating at Desk

Eating alone, at work….again?

Hunched over, munching on a sandwich and catching up on email.

Or, maybe you eat and drive, just to keep things moving.

Then there’s skipping out on meals completely.

It may feel productive, but what’s the

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How to Not Be Awkward In A Diverse Workplace

Diverse Workplace

We work in increasingly diverse workplaces.

Maybe our differences are age, race, gender, ability or religion-based.

And, since, we come from different backgrounds and points of reference.

One size doesn’t fit all.

And ignoring our differences is risky.

But, how

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Family Days: Are They A Good Idea?

Happy Family

Family Day has come and gone.

Some looked forward to the holiday.

While others, especially business owners, worried it took a bite out of the bottom line.

Love them or loathe them, Family Day and other kinds of holidays, contribute

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How to Control Yourself At Work


Jobs these days require more self-control than ever.

Anticipating needs, closing deals and handling complexity, require high degrees of personal control to pull-off.  Here’s how to handle having to control yourself at work and survive.

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Know the Psychology Behind the Barriers: Women Leadership


Are you interested in going for a leadership role in your organization?

Women leaders are under-represented, yet despite the barriers, there are ways to make it.  Knowing  psychology behind the barriers can help to overcome them.

For more on this

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Tis The Season To Be Busy!

Holiday Stress

It’s that time of year.

The holiday bustle brings with it a “To Do List” as long as your arm.

There’s shopping, decorating, parties, and school concerts.

There’s work deadlines, the boss’s expectations and customer issues to deal with.


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Holiday Etiquette At Work

holiday etiquette

Making a great impression your colleagues, customers and your boss at this time of year, means polishing up your seasonal workplace manners.

Here are some tips to navigate seasonal etiquette at work.

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Employee Recognition Programs: A Morale Boost or Bust?


It’s nice to be noticed.

Especially at work.

Employee recognition programs are a popular way to appreciate staff.

But, they sometimes backfire.

Jealousy, and competition can result.

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