Is anybody listening? When communication breaks down on the job.



When communication breaks down, here are some tips on how to be heard. more

Is your success at work causing envy among your colleagues?

Getting the evil eye from your colleagues when you do well at work? If so listen to some of my tips on warding off the haters.

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Make sleep a priority and get ahead at work.


Listen and find out why it should be a priority.

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Do you really need a boss?

bad boss

Do you feel like a fake at work—tips to break the cycle.


The imposter syndrome can make you feel like a fake at work.  Take a couple minutes to listen to Dr Jennifer Newman and her advice on getting over it and move upward and onward with your career.

Dr. Jennifer

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Here’s how to make your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Do’s and don’ts to remember when you attend the seasonal workplace party this year.

Holiday office party etiquette

I remind you, even at a party, you’re still at work.  Via CBC News.

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How to handle the seasonal-spend-a-thon and survive debt-free

Urge to splurge

Why do you feel it and what can you do to reign it in before you spend too much? via CBC radio

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Make a start on facing your fears at work.

Click here to listen to Workplace Psychologist, Dr Jennifer Newman talk about facing your fears at work.

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What do you do when your co-worker (or boss) thinks they’re great at their job—but they’re not?

Workplace Psychologist, Dr.Jennifer Newman talks about over entitled coworkers and bosses:

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