Fighting the Summer Productivity Slump


Summer and productivity may seem like a contradiction.

Everyone’s minds are on other things besides work—like the beach or a vacation….

So, how do workers keep their nose to the grindstone and careers on track during this period?

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Highly Sensitive People At Work

Office Tantrum

Do you cry at work?

Maybe everything affects you deeply,

Or, you pick up on colleague’s moods easily.

If you become really overwhelmed when there’s too much to do,

You may be a highly sensitive person.

Here’s what you should

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School’s Out, Now What?


It’s the end of the school year.

Fun for students, but not for parents.

Occupying the kids when you’re at work, can be a logistical and emotional juggling act.

So, how do parents survive the summer stretch?

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How to Cope with Mean Bosses


What do you do if you have a mean boss?

One that tears a strip off you or shouts at workers.

You think about saying something, but you might lose your job.

So, you suffer in silence.

This is a

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Emotional First Aid

emotional repair

If we get hurt at work, we get some ice and nurse the bruise.

When we get emotionally bruised on the job, we might ignore it.

Whether it’s getting some negative feedback.

Or, something happens between us and a co-worker.

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Should Teens Get Summer Jobs?

Teen Job

Should teens really get summer jobs?

It’s a chance to get into the workforce, gain experience, make some money.

But, the question remains, is it really a good idea?

Here are some pros and cons of summer jobs for teens.

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Millenials Get A Bad Rap


Millennials are getting a bad rap.

If you were born 1979 and 1994, you may feel criticized by the other generations.

You may have been called unrealistic.

Or, selfish and entitled.

Maybe you’ve heard Millennials referred to as lazy and

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Workplace Temper Tantrums

Office Tantrum

Does someone you know, throw fits at work?

They don’t get their way and boom!

They’re having a full-fledged adult sized temper tantrum.

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Facing Job Loss?

Layoffs, job loss

You’ve lost your job.

Maybe you’ve been laid off or fired.

No matter how it happened, it’s a shock!

And, it shakes your confidence at the worst possible time–while you’re trying to find another job.

Navigating a job loss, is

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Holding Grudges At Work


Holding a grudge at work?

Your boss or a co-worker hurt or betrayed you and there’s been no apology.

If still makes you angry when you think about it.

You may be holding a grudge.

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