Should Teens Get Summer Jobs?

Teen Job

Should teens really get summer jobs?

It’s a chance to get into the workforce, gain experience, make some money.

But, the question remains, is it really a good idea?

Here are some pros and cons of summer jobs for teens.

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Millenials Get A Bad Rap


Millennials are getting a bad rap.

If you were born 1979 and 1994, you may feel criticized by the other generations.

You may have been called unrealistic.

Or, selfish and entitled.

Maybe you’ve heard Millennials referred to as lazy and

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Workplace Temper Tantrums

Office Tantrum

Does someone you know, throw fits at work?

They don’t get their way and boom!

They’re having a full-fledged adult sized temper tantrum.

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Facing Job Loss?

Layoffs, job loss

You’ve lost your job.

Maybe you’ve been laid off or fired.

No matter how it happened, it’s a shock!

And, it shakes your confidence at the worst possible time–while you’re trying to find another job.

Navigating a job loss, is

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Holding Grudges At Work


Holding a grudge at work?

Your boss or a co-worker hurt or betrayed you and there’s been no apology.

If still makes you angry when you think about it.

You may be holding a grudge.

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Marijuana Use At Work

weed at work

Legislation to legalize marijuana is coming in the next year.

Causing employers to review their Alcohol and Drug policies.

And, staff who use recreationally, to think about how weed fits into their work lives.

While co-workers may have opinions about

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Why Are Women Still Not In Top Jobs?


Women are still missing from top leadership positions in all industries.

In both public and private sectors.

At educational and research institutions around the world.

And, even when the workforce is largely female.

Why does this problem continue to exist?

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Should You Quit Your Job?

Quitting Job

Do you think about quitting you job?

Maybe your work is uninspiring, or your boss is horrible.

Maybe your colleagues are a pain.

Either way, you’ve had it.

So, when’s the best time to throw in the towel?

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Psychological Reasons Employees Unionize

Business team with hands together - teamwork concepts

Would you join a union if you had a choice?

Some like the idea. It’s a way to negotiate better wages and working conditions.

Other’s aren’t interested. They don’t like paying dues, or they want to handle negotiations with their

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Bullying At Work—Has Anything Changed?


WorkSafeBC launched their Bullying and Harassment Toolkit, in 2013.

Employers became responsible for guarding against bullying and harassment.

They had to train workers about bullying and harassing behaviour.

Investigate incidents and respond to complaints.

So, where are we today?


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