Soft Skills In The Oil Patch

In the Canadian oil patch, new research shows, petroleum geoscientists, need more than highly technical geological, geophysical and computer skills to succeed.

They need people skills.

Dr. Chris Heath, a geoscientist who conducts research for the Canadian petroleum industry, studied

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Workplace Trends for 2003

With the time for making New Year’s resolutions approaching, here’s a way to foster a healthy business: take a moment to take the pulse of your industry then hone in on your own company and try to anticipate some of

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Gift Giving at Work

Over the last year, workplaces have been beset by layoffs, spending cutbacks, time crunches and a lurching economy. In this uncertain climate, what happens between colleagues, bosses and subordinates on the job can affect a worker’s emotional health even more

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Corporate Citizens

Ben, a well-respected, senior plant manager at a silver mining operation in the Yukon, discovered a slow leaching of effluent from a tailing pond that he believed could endanger workers and damage the surrounding environment. He immediately began to wind

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Forgiveness at Work

Sometimes, the office can be an unforgiving place. Consider:
– Dan’s great idea is put forward by his boss who takes all the credit for it.
– Harry catches the brunt of his supervisor’s angry outburst.
– Mike finds out

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Business Empathy

The CEO of a large computer systems sales company in Omaha was set to address a recently hired sales force. Naturally, the new recruits were nervous and insecure. So the orientation was intended to help the recruits build confidence. After

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Team Boosting

A large real estate company in Ontario recently noticed some serious problems among its field leader team, a group whose job was to inspire, advise and supervise a small staff of realtors under them. But there was a lack of

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Family and Business: Match Made in Heaven or Lethal Cocktail?

Greg had been working as a sales rep in his father’s Vancouver Island sawmill for the past five years. His dad had founded the company forty years ago and turned it into a successful enterprise. He had invited Greg, his

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Pack your EQ in your Back to School Bag

And you thought a high IQ was the ticket to university success.

Think again. You’d better add a high EQ, or Emotional Intelligence Quotient, to your post-secondary back-to-school list of goals.

A high IQ, high marks in high school, fantastic

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Unhealthy Team Patterns

In many workplaces, the key to the effective performance of the organization is a good “team” dynamic. If a team gets along well, the company prospers because staff is happy. But if not, the organization can be the victim.


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