Pack your EQ in your Back to School Bag

And you thought a high IQ was the ticket to university success.

Think again. You’d better add a high EQ, or Emotional Intelligence Quotient, to your post-secondary back-to-school list of goals.

A high IQ, high marks in high school, fantastic

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Unhealthy Team Patterns

In many workplaces, the key to the effective performance of the organization is a good “team” dynamic. If a team gets along well, the company prospers because staff is happy. But if not, the organization can be the victim.


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Corporate Morality

US President George W. Bush: “Corporate America must stop cooking the books.” Martha Stewart: “Indeed. It must sautee them instead.”

Nowadays, the words ‘corporate morality’ sit uneasily together in the same sentence. The litany of recent Wall Street scandals is

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Between A Rock and A Hard Place: Unemployment or Pay Cut

The lesser of two evils: a pay cut or a layoff? Richard was a software engineer at a Vancouver computer company. His firm, a small one with about 20 employees, was going through tough times as a result of the

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What’s Your EQ?

Greg is a successful senior executive with a shipping company in Seattle. However, his latest performance review highlighted a lack of communication skills. He appeared to be involved in an inordinate number of misunderstandings with colleagues that sometimes ended in

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Ten Beliefs That Lead To Ineffective Leadership

It happened again. Donald, a senior manager with a mid-sized pharmaceutical company in Nebraska, didn’t step in to supervise a leader who was acting inappropriately by giving yet another plum project to a friend. The recipient, of course, would receive

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How To Delegate Effectively

delegate, work,

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “How did this get back on my desk?” after you thought you’d delegated the job to someone else.

That’s how Jane felt as a manager of a food packaging company in New York state.

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Office Egotists

In the fascinating collection of human beings that make up a workplace, there is a variety of “types.” There’s the autocratic or at the other end of the spectrum the spineless boss. There’s the person who, by his or her

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Worker Overload

‘On call and accessible 24/7/365.’

A few years ago, this shorthand for working all the time didn’t exist. There was no need. People worked, usually from 9 to 5, and then they stopped. They proceeded to live out other parts

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The Link Between the Greens and the Boardroom

Baseball and peanuts. Ice skating and bad judging. Golf and business. In life, some things just go together. And there are few more intimate relationships than the one between golf and business. In fact, some companies make it a tacit

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