Coping With Unemployment

The recent spate of layoffs in B.C.’s civil service is the latest example of what has been going on in much of North America’s private sector for almost two years as industry and government struggle to cut back.

While headlines

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Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace

Whenever groups of people gather, conflicts happen. Today’s workplace, with its hierarchical structure, power relationships and increased workloads, can be a breeding ground for conflict.

Conflict at work is not always full of raised voices and name-calling. It can be

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Finding Meaning At Work

Adrienne was a senior designer with a large advertising company in Toronto. She had been working there for eight years and at first, she enjoyed the work. But over the past year, she had lost some of her passion for

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Holiday Gifts to Employees and Employers

Some of the best gifts can cost little money, but are of huge value.

The past year has seen an economic downturn become a global recession. Downsizing and increased cost-cutting have depleted worker morale as has the Sept. 11th tragedy.

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Ten Strategies for Finding Family and Work Balance

Dual-income families with children are healthy and thriving according to new research.

That, the researchers argue, means the myth of frazzled working-parents farming their love-starved offspring off to daycare is just that – a myth.

Colorado State University researchers Shelley

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The Dispute over Mother Simmon’s Chair

The argument over Mother Simmon’s estate was growing ugly. Things were getting so heated among her three children that they were contemplating calling in the lawyers.

The estate contained $500,000 in assets – a significant amount.

But it wasn’t the

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Everyone Wins with Family – Work Balance

Mary, usually a cheerful, pleasant and professional administrative assistant with a law firm in Edmonton, began to notice she was distracted and lethargic at work. She often felt irritable with colleagues and would cry in her office for no reason

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Emotional Intelligence Questions Answered

Our recent column on emotional intelligence – the capacity to express feelings appropriately, interact empathically and use information about one’s own feelings and the feelings of others to make choices in the workplace– elicited thoughtful responses from many readers.


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Coping with the New York Tragedy in the Workplace

As psychologists who advise North American corporate clients, around North America, some of them in New York, we’ve received calls and emails from workers sifting through feelings of shock, sadness and anger generated by last week’s terrorist attacks.

They said

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Coping with Organizational Change

Coping new strategies, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, re- engineering, shifting markets, the economic downturn, and the technological revolution has left business exhausted.

Change has wrought so much anxiety and fatigue that many view it as a horrible beast.

A recently

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