How to Boost Your Small Business

Diverse Workplace

Want to boost your small business?

Increase profits and grow?

The key is taking a page from other small businesses,

Those who focus on developing, involving and rewarding employees on a budget.

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Psychologists Boost Bottom Line

Absenteeism, high staff turnover and conflict, depression and stress in the workplace are constant concerns for managers and executives at many of Canada’s major corporations.

Even more positive challenges, such as encouraging creativity and innovation, motivating employees and creating a

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Hate your job but can’t quit? 4 ways to remodel your job

work, anxiety, hate your job, new career

Maybe it’s just a rough patch?

Still, the job’s a grind–it doesn’t inspire like it used to.  But most of the time we get over it and the spark comes back.

But, what if it doesn’t? What then?

What do

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“Touchy-Feely Stuff” Makes Money

Many of today’s more enlightened decision-makers are generally aware that happy employees and fair management practices lead to a healthy bottom line.

But before they shell out resources to create a psychologically healthy work environment, they often struggle to find

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Emotional Intelligence Increases The Bottom Line

Bullying and intimidating had become a habit with Andy, a senior manager and investment advisor pulling down a six-figure salary at a Vancouver bank. It was his first defense against any negative comments about his performance. It didn’t matter that

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