Sexism at Work?


Whether it’s revealed in reports of sexual harassment in the workplace,

Or, the topic of repetitive calls for equal pay for equal work,

Women face subtle and not-so-subtle stereotyping at work.

How do women cope with these sexist attitudes and

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Why Are Women Still Not In Top Jobs?


Women are still missing from top leadership positions in all industries.

In both public and private sectors.

At educational and research institutions around the world.

And, even when the workforce is largely female.

Why does this problem continue to exist?

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How to Not Be Awkward In A Diverse Workplace

Diverse Workplace

We work in increasingly diverse workplaces.

Maybe our differences are age, race, gender, ability or religion-based.

And, since, we come from different backgrounds and points of reference.

One size doesn’t fit all.

And ignoring our differences is risky.

But, how

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Women Leaders Excel

With B.C. Premier-elect Christy Clark embracing her recent victory as British Columbia’s second woman in history to hold the province’s top political job, the topic of women and leadership is being looked at in many quarters once again.

Yet despite

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Managing Success In Nontraditional Jobs

A year ago, Francine got her dream job: a senior management position at a Florida aerospace firm. Unfortunately, the position she had aspired to for years was turning into a nightmare. While she loved the work, her colleagues’ reaction to

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Coming Out At Work

Getting hitched may be getting a little easier for some Canadian gay and lesbian couples, thanks to new legislation in Ontario and B.C. allowing for same-sex marriages.

Yet despite this gain in their personal lives, when it comes to work,

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