How To Enjoy Your Weekend

Enjoy the Weekend

It’s the weekend or your days off.

You’ve planned the best day-off ever

And, now it’s here,

But, you wish you could cancel it all!

It’s just seems too exhausting to follow through.

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Help For Exhausted Workers

Sleeping at Work, Tired at Work


Dragging yourself around in the morning?

Pushing hard with no break in sight?

Maybe you aren’t just tired.

It could be more—maybe you’re just flat-out exhausted.

Here’s what to do if you’ve hit the wall at work.

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What To Do About Poor Performance Reviews

office powertrip, trust

If you’ve had a tough-to-take performance review, you’re probably smarting.

It’s normal to feel upset but you can survive poor performance feedback and live to tell the tale.

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Navigating Being the Newbie At Work



You landed the job.

It’s early days and you want to make a great impression.

But how?

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Emotional First Aid

emotional repair

If we get hurt at work, we get some ice and nurse the bruise.

When we get emotionally bruised on the job, we might ignore it.

Whether it’s getting some negative feedback.

Or, something happens between us and a co-worker.

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Work Vampires are Everywhere


Are you feeling sucked dry by people at work?

Battling workplace vampires, will leave staff feeling chronically drained.

And, these de-energizing interactions are not just a hassle or minor irritant.

They take a toll on worker performance.

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Anxious At Work?

Work Fear Anxiety

As part of our CBC Vancouver Inspiration Series we highlighted anxiety issues and youth.

But, it’s not just youth who experience this problem.

A large number of workers go to work anxious, or become anxious because of stressors related to

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Is Honesty The Best Policy At Work?

Honesty is the best policy–at least that’s how the old adage goes.

But, there are times it can be too much of a good thing.

Being honest at work can backfire.  That doesn’t mean that stealing, lying on resumes, calling

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Effective Apologies

apology, sorry, work







Everyone makes mistakes. 

Celebrities are usually counseled by their public relations people to apologize. And we non-celebrities can also repair our relationships with bosses, subordinates, colleagues or peers by apologizing too.

But not every

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Recovering From Failure

Recovering from a major professional failure, defeat or setback is no mean feat. But it can be done.

In our last column, we discussed what constitutes a failure and the emotional turmoil that typically follows. As dire as a professional

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