High Performers Victimized at Work


Recently in the news, a Prince Edward Island man, described as a dedicated and high performing worker, suffered a heart attack apparently linked to bullying at work.

While the news highlights the problem of bullying at work, as well as

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I Hate My Job But I Can’t Quit


You’re fed-up with your terrible job.

Quitting is an option.

But, it’s easier said than done.

So, you think: I’ll just tough it out.

Here’s why workers stay in miserable jobs.

For more on this topic, please listen to the

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Facing Job Loss?

Layoffs, job loss

You’ve lost your job.

Maybe you’ve been laid off or fired.

No matter how it happened, it’s a shock!

And, it shakes your confidence at the worst possible time–while you’re trying to find another job.

Navigating a job loss, is

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Marijuana Use At Work

weed at work

Legislation to legalize marijuana is coming in the next year.

Causing employers to review their Alcohol and Drug policies.

And, staff who use recreationally, to think about how weed fits into their work lives.

While co-workers may have opinions about

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The Effects of Being Laid-Off

Layoffs, job loss


Lay-offs affect workers and companies alike.

A recent example, Cenovus, a large oil production company based out of Calgary is laying off one-quarter of its work force, citing economic woes.

Yet, new research in the Journal of Applied Psychology,

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When Worlds Collide

Home work life balance

Juggling work and family obligations?

It’s not easy!

But, according to a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology, when work and home collide, things can get downright nasty.

Workers become more hostile and aggressive when their lives are out

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Immediacy Helps

If it’s broken, fix it, goes the adage. But when workplace relationships are broken, fixing them can be a delicate matter. Many of us are ill equipped to know what to do when unresolved conflicts, tensions and bad feelings linger

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Fixing Fractured Workplace Relationships

Life on the job can be enjoyable and peaceful, even happy when workplace relationships function smoothly. But if problems arise between ourselves and others at work the workplace becomes a source of irritation, dismay and tension. When this happens, it

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