When No One Listens: Abused At Work


When someone is bullied or sexually harassed at work.

They need an apology, validation and acknowledgement to begin their recovery.

These are often hard to come by.

But, they are a powerful antidote to abuse on-the-job.

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Workplace Temper Tantrums

Office Tantrum

Does someone you know, throw fits at work?

They don’t get their way and boom!

They’re having a full-fledged adult sized temper tantrum.

For more on this topic, please listen to the CBC The Early Edition interview below:

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Eating at Your Desk ISN’T Productive

Eating at Desk

Eating alone, at work….again?

Hunched over, munching on a sandwich and catching up on email.

Or, maybe you eat and drive, just to keep things moving.

Then there’s skipping out on meals completely.

It may feel productive, but what’s the

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Work Vampires are Everywhere


Are you feeling sucked dry by people at work?

Battling workplace vampires, will leave staff feeling chronically drained.

And, these de-energizing interactions are not just a hassle or minor irritant.

They take a toll on worker performance.

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Domestic Violence At Work

Workplace Psychologist, Dr Jennifer Newman talks about what happens when intimate partner violence threatens the workplace.



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Workplace Bullying

bully, bullying, work, job

Powertrippers: CBC Radio The Early Edition 690 Audio

Workplace Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Newman talks about powertripping at work.


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Backstabbing and Betrayal: CBC Radio The Early Edition 690 Audio

Workplace Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Newman talks about betrayal at work.


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Power Trippers

office powertrip, trust

It’s a workplace taboo.

The topic of power, is often swept under the office rug. Many eschew the idea that any differences in power, authority and responsibility exist at all. Rather, they prefer the idea that the workplace is democracy,

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Incivility On The Rise

Incivil, rude

Workplace rudeness is rising.

It’s a subtle increase in poor manners at work–not exchanging greetings like, “hello” or “goodbye”, and failing to use please and thank you. It’s refusing to hold the elevator door for stragglers, or ignoring colleagues and

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