Office Chatterboxes


Every office has one. The employee who makes you run for cover when he approaches.

It’s the office talker – the one who sees a conversation as a soliloquy and wastes untold amounts of your time with endless chatter, opinions,

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Nitpicky Bosses: CBC Radio The Early Edition 690 Audio

Workplace Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Newman talks about micromanaging bosses.

To listen the audio file, click here.

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Threats To Employee Psychological Well-Being: Are You Safe?

You probably have the proper safety equipment to ensure you aren’t injured on the job, but what about being kept safe from psychological harm?

Risks that might lead to physical injury in the workplace are given great consideration and thought,

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Sexual Banter At Work

Sexual jokes, propositions and a little bit of flirty behaviour are harmless fun, even pleasant parts of work life, right?

No, say Jennifer Berdahl at the University of Toronto and Karl Aquino of the University of British Columbia.  In a

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Personal Harassment On The Rise

Just when you thought enough awareness about workplace discrimination, hostile behaviour and other forms of harassment would be leading to a decrease in these things, a study finds these are on the rise.

A recent, groundbreaking study in the Journal

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Incompetent Bosses

Being critical of one’s boss’s abilities is pretty much part of being an employee. Workers may often take shots at their boss by saying: “He is an idiot, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

While often, this may be simple

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Emotional Abuse At Work Fosters Questions

Our recent column on the toll emotional abuse takes on staff, and how people cope with it, elicited thoughtful responses from many readers. Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we received:

How can emotional

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Handling Emotional Abuse

You may not know it, but psycho-terrorists are lurking in our midst. These are people in organizations who exploit weaknesses in co-workers or subordinates, instill doubt in them and over time, erode and even destroy their self-confidence to the point

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Emotional Abuse Hurts Careers

It’s sneaky, subtle, underhanded, and all too common.

It’s emotional abuse. And if left to flourish, it can take a toll on workers, and ultimately organizations.

Emotional abuse is not about hurting people’s feelings on the job. To the contrary,

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Dealing With Narcissists

In our past two columns, we’ve discussed how difficult it is to deal with a workplace narcissist, one whose main personality traits include a lack of empathy, a sense of entitlement, arrogance and condescension. Today we explore how to handle

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