The Art of Giving Feedback


Getting feedback at work can feel like a bizarre ritual. It usually goes something like this: Once a year employees are rounded up and told how they are doing. They sit quietly listening to the supervisor, politely ask questions for

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Is Lying At Work a Good Thing?


There’s been a lot of talk lately about alternate facts and fake news. In other words, lying. Yet, it turns out many of us manufacture our own brands of fake news and alternate facts, especially at work. Everything from faking

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How To Keep Millennials Interested


If the boss talks down to staff.

Won’t give them breathing room to do their jobs.

Or, demands crazy work hours,

Watch out!

This will drive many millennial employees out the door. Fast.

Here’s how to hang onto your millennial

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Email Code of Conduct

“Flaming,” or sending angry, rude or terse e-mails has become such an issue in some companies – especially from correspondents who may have just received their pink slips and feel the need to have the last e-word – that many

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Managerial Ethics

It’s hard to do the right thing as a manager – especially when you’re not sure what the “right thing” is. Sometimes you must balance your own sense of ethics with organizational pressures.

Take the case of employees at a

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Leadership Tasks

Ghandi once said he had three formidable enemies: the British Empire, the Indian people, and, he said, the most difficult of all: himself. As a leader, Ghandi knew change was difficult to instill in others, but that personal change was

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Virtuousness Is Good For Business

“The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.” Norman Schwarzkopf

A challenge to the truism that good people always finish last has come from a most unlikely

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Corporate Citizens

Ben, a well-respected, senior plant manager at a silver mining operation in the Yukon, discovered a slow leaching of effluent from a tailing pond that he believed could endanger workers and damage the surrounding environment. He immediately began to wind

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Corporate Morality

US President George W. Bush: “Corporate America must stop cooking the books.” Martha Stewart: “Indeed. It must sautee them instead.”

Nowadays, the words ‘corporate morality’ sit uneasily together in the same sentence. The litany of recent Wall Street scandals is

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