How to Boost Your Small Business

Diverse Workplace

Want to boost your small business?

Increase profits and grow?

The key is taking a page from other small businesses,

Those who focus on developing, involving and rewarding employees on a budget.

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How To Ask For A Raise

hand shake office

So you want to ask for a raise?

You deserve it.

You haven’t had one in awhile.

Your colleague just got one.

But, how do you talk about this with the boss?


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Leadership Training


Powerful Minds: Using Mindfulness To Motivate Yourself

Create habits of mind that ensure success.  Realize your potential, overcome resistance and fear, and increase your happiness, by harnessing the power of your mind.

Powerful People: Using Self Awareness To Manage


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Develop Your Non-Profit Board

Keeping members of not-for-profit boards engaged and enthusiastic can be an ongoing challenge. It’s easy for volunteers to become bored and listless if they are not offered development opportunities. And developing your not-for-profit board is important to the effective governance

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Succession Planning

Today’s organizations are facing a curious paradox. While as the massive layoffs we hear about almost daily are creating a glut of employees, companies are also coping with an exodus of baby boomers from the workplace. These are often people

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Be True to Yourself

President Barack Obama, as millions around the world have seen in his victorious battle for the United States’ top political position over many months, is completely comfortable as a leader. He does not copy the leadership traits of others. He

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