Skills New Grads Need


Newly minted graduates are venturing forth, armed with the knowledge and skills needed to build solid careers. But has school really prepared them for success?

Perhaps not.

It appears there may be some things they don’t teach in school. But

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How To Ask For A Raise

hand shake office

So you want to ask for a raise?

You deserve it.

You haven’t had one in awhile.

Your colleague just got one.

But, how do you talk about this with the boss?


For more on this topic, please listen

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What To Do About Poor Performance Reviews

office powertrip, trust

If you’ve had a tough-to-take performance review, you’re probably smarting.

It’s normal to feel upset but you can survive poor performance feedback and live to tell the tale.

For more on this topic, please listen to the CBC The Early

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Why Are Women Still Not In Top Jobs?


Women are still missing from top leadership positions in all industries.

In both public and private sectors.

At educational and research institutions around the world.

And, even when the workforce is largely female.

Why does this problem continue to exist?

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Eating at Your Desk ISN’T Productive

Eating at Desk

Eating alone, at work….again?

Hunched over, munching on a sandwich and catching up on email.

Or, maybe you eat and drive, just to keep things moving.

Then there’s skipping out on meals completely.

It may feel productive, but what’s the

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Do You Trust Your Boss?

office powertrip, trust

There’s nothing worse.

You don’t trust your manager.

Maybe he chewed you out at a meeting.

Or, she changed the schedule at the last minute without telling you.

Or, he not-so-subtly hints that you are slacking.

Work has become an

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Is Honesty The Best Policy At Work?

Honesty is the best policy–at least that’s how the old adage goes.

But, there are times it can be too much of a good thing.

Being honest at work can backfire.  That doesn’t mean that stealing, lying on resumes, calling

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Handshakes Get Jobs

It’s a gripping issue: As students flood the marketplace looking for jobs, they – and in fact anyone facing a job interview, might be wise to think about their handshake.

It can say a lot about you in general, and

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Women Leaders Excel

With B.C. Premier-elect Christy Clark embracing her recent victory as British Columbia’s second woman in history to hold the province’s top political job, the topic of women and leadership is being looked at in many quarters once again.

Yet despite

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Resolutions That Stick

We’re well into 2011, back into our work, school and other routines. So – how are all those New Year’s resolutions you made a month ago working out for you?

If you’re like a great many people, the resolutions have

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