Messy But Efficient?

Messy Desk

Are you working with a Corner Cutter?

Slackers who seem to be getting everything done?

You know they’re not playing by the rules, like everyone else

And, it’s not only frustrating, it can be dangerous too.

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I Hate My Job But I Can’t Quit


You’re fed-up with your terrible job.

Quitting is an option.

But, it’s easier said than done.

So, you think: I’ll just tough it out.

Here’s why workers stay in miserable jobs.

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The Effects of Being Laid-Off

Layoffs, job loss


Lay-offs affect workers and companies alike.

A recent example, Cenovus, a large oil production company based out of Calgary is laying off one-quarter of its work force, citing economic woes.

Yet, new research in the Journal of Applied Psychology,

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Work Vampires are Everywhere


Are you feeling sucked dry by people at work?

Battling workplace vampires, will leave staff feeling chronically drained.

And, these de-energizing interactions are not just a hassle or minor irritant.

They take a toll on worker performance.

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Encouraging Workers To Change

The old adage, “The more things change the more they stay the same,”captures how an organization’s leadership sometimes feel when they try to encourage employees to accept change –  without success.

Research shows that most change plans fail despite the

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Coping with Organizational Change

Coping new strategies, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, re- engineering, shifting markets, the economic downturn, and the technological revolution has left business exhausted.

Change has wrought so much anxiety and fatigue that many view it as a horrible beast.

A recently

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