Coping with Organizational Change

Coping new strategies, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, re- engineering, shifting markets, the economic downturn, and the technological revolution has left business exhausted.

Change has wrought so much anxiety and fatigue that many view it as a horrible beast.

A recently

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Crying at Work

When Jack, a high-powered manager at an Interior BC pulp mill, suddenly broke down in a management team meeting one day, his peers were stunned. Jack was known in the company as a hard-driving, tough nut, known for his level

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Emotional Intelligence Increases The Bottom Line

Bullying and intimidating had become a habit with Andy, a senior manager and investment advisor pulling down a six-figure salary at a Vancouver bank. It was his first defense against any negative comments about his performance. It didn’t matter that

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Managing Fear of Failing

Work Fear Anxiety

Bob, a small business owner in the B.C. Interior, was working on a new project he hoped would grow his eco-tourism business. By teaming environmentally sensitive tours with extreme outdoor challenges, he hoped to create a kind of “extreme green”

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The Soul at Work

Suzanne, a technical worker in Vancouver, had been recently passed over for a promotion. Now she was stuck as the assistant to the person whose very job she had wanted. Sometimes she wanted to make her boss look bad. For

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