Work Vampires are Everywhere


Are you feeling sucked dry by people at work?

Battling workplace vampires, will leave staff feeling chronically drained.

And, these de-energizing interactions are not just a hassle or minor irritant.

They take a toll on worker performance.

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Get The Most From Your Break

lunch break

Taking breaks at work are good for you.

But, many workers, don’t take enough breaks.

And, in some cases, staff may not take them at all.

This habit can lead to exhaustion, burnout and a lack of energy.

New research,

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Successful Workplace Relationships




Leadership Services

Executive Coaching

  • Executive Performance Coaching

    Private, exclusive and confidential.  The program tailors telephone consultations, on-site visits, leadership assessments and progress reports in one

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Lying, Stealing and Cheating Teams

The goal of any organizational team is to be high functioning – to get results.

Unfortunately, as teams come under increasing pressure in the work world to handle highly complex problems and undertake ever-more critical decision making, research shows that

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Get The Best From Teams

Recession-struck companies are turning up the pressure on work teams in an effort to increase both efficiency and accuracy. However, teams must be assembled carefully.

Simply lumping people together with the right skills to do the job isn’t enough. To

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Team Task Planning

Teams that decide how they are going to treat members and work together before they start a project tend to excel. If the same team also plans ahead for achieving task related milestones, they tend to out perform.

According to

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