Facing Job Loss?

Layoffs, job loss

You’ve lost your job.

Maybe you’ve been laid off or fired.

No matter how it happened, it’s a shock!

And, it shakes your confidence at the worst possible time–while you’re trying to find another job.

Navigating a job loss, is

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Holding Grudges At Work


Holding a grudge at work?

Your boss or a co-worker hurt or betrayed you and there’s been no apology.

If still makes you angry when you think about it.

You may be holding a grudge.

For more on this

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Tis The Season To Be Busy!

Holiday Stress

It’s that time of year.

The holiday bustle brings with it a “To Do List” as long as your arm.

There’s shopping, decorating, parties, and school concerts.

There’s work deadlines, the boss’s expectations and customer issues to deal with.


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Job Stress Comes In Many Guises

Workplace stress is common, yet is not always easy to see or remedy.
Poor planning, difficulties with assessing priorities, organizational policy gaps, supervisory issues and immature interpersonal relations among co-workers can create stress. In our last column, we discussed five

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Stressful Workplaces

Managerial disorganization, interpersonal conflict and a lack of training frequently contribute to workers’ stress levels. Throw in the recession and the massive specter of job losses these days, and stress levels have the potential to be sky high.

For employees,

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Embracing The Seasonal Spirit

Embrace Xmas

Getting into the spirit of the season can sometimes be difficult at the best of times. This is particularly true when the focus of the season is spending—buying presents, hosting parties, giving to charity, purchasing decorations and mailing greeting cards.

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Too Much To Do

Hundreds of e-mails. Voicemails piling up. Endless meetings to attend, and countless knocks at your office door.

Information overload is a pernicious source of workplace stress.

Technology that connects us constantly to our work, incessant demands for immediate responses, constant

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Emotional Exhaustion

Bill, an information technology manager at a large Ontario telecommunications company, used to love his job. He had been there 14 years and had looked forward to staying with the firm for a long time. Then the crunch came. The

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