RainCity Housing and Support Society

A Home For Every Person

RainCity Housing and Support Society, houses and supports people living with mental illness, addictions and other challenges.

Dr Newman is Past-Chair of the board of directors at RainCity.  RainCity has a proven track record in its bid to house and support people on the Downtown Eastside

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Workplace on the Edge: The Respectful Workplace Project

Contributor to Workplace On The Edge, a public awareness website focussed on bullying, harassment and workplace conflict.

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BC Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award

As Past Chair (2004-2007) of the British Columbia Psychological Association’s psychologically healthy workplace award sub-committee, Dr. Newman continues to admire and support this successful awards program.

Businesses demonstrating excellence in providing programs and approaches focused on employee psychological health are honoured every two years.

Awards for Employee Recognition, Employee Growth and Development, Employee Involvement, Work-Life Balance and Health and Safety are granted to deserving companies.

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