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Leadership Services

Executive Coaching

  • Executive Performance Coaching

    Private, exclusive and confidential.  The program tailors telephone consultations, on-site visits, leadership assessments and progress reports in one comprehensive package.

  • Leader Development Coaching

    Managers, small business owners, professional, entrepreneurs and supervisors benefit from an individualized service tailored to your needs.

  • High Performance Team Coaching: 

    Be coached in a group format.  Benefit from your coach’s expertise and that of the other participants.  Helpful for teams, task groups and the like to develop individually and as a team.


Leadership Development

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Facilitated Conversations

There are times when it can be helpful to have conversations facilitated by a professional.  These differ from mediated conversations in that they are characterized as assisting individuals in meeting their own goals for the discussion and finding a way forward for all parties.

  • Executive Teams: 

    Examples can include when a sensitive decision has to be made and parties have to share opinions to create a common goal.  For example, an executive team engaged in a facilitated conversation regarding the creation of a new vice president role.  The role was extremely sensitive and gathering all opinion was important.

  • Leaders and Staff Conversations: 

    Another situation that arises is when a staff person wishes to discuss difficult issues with their employer.  For example, an employee wanted assistance in discussing his struggles at work with his manager and company owner.  A facilitated conversation was initiated to help him talk about issues constructively and to assist leadership in utilizing what was learned from the conversation for the good of both the employee and the company.

  • Staff to Staff Conversations: 

    In another example, two employees may wish to air concerns with one another. In some cases, this can include times when bullying and harassment may be part of the matter at hand.  Creating a safe context where unsafe or unhealthy behaviour can be discussed is key in this situation.


Interpersonal Relationship Assessment

  • Leadership Team Assessments: 

    Confidential semi-structured interviews, focus groups, observation and qualitative questionnaires are among the tools available to assess the health of a leadership team on criteria important to the overarching purpose of the team.  The assessment is conducted and feedback provided along with ideas for next steps and an implementation plan. 

  • Leader and Staff Assessments: 

    As well, leader and staff relationships can be assessed for health using the tools mentioned above.  This can include a whole staff group as they relate to their manager(s), leader(s) or supervisor(s).  It can encompass one-to-one supervisory relationships, or be helpful for sole supervisors with a few staff.



Team Services: Executive, Management and Partnership

High Performance Team Building

Conflict Resolution

  • Team Conflict:

    Healthy teams engage in conflict.  It is how conflict is expressed and utilized that makes it worthwhile or toxic. This service assists teams experiencing conflict to harness disagreement and dissension for constructive outcomes and solutions.

  • Leader to Leader Conflict:

    Ongoing disagreement between leaders, business partners or executives can take a toll on an organization when solving the issue is elusive. This service assists leaders in understanding the issues, clarifying goals and expectations and finding ways to move forward.


CEO and Board Services

CEO Coaching

This coaching service assists CEO’s in understanding how to work effectively with their Board, and how a Board can best support its CEO.

Facilitated Conversations

CEO’s, Directors and Boards facing difficulties or difficult decisions, can utilize facilitated conversations to assist in the discussion of a problem or issue with the goal of finding a way forward with professional assistance. Facilitated conversations are useful when CEO’s with to engage their Board Chair constructively in a professionally assisted context.  Directors hoping to engage one another can benefit from facilitated conversations and CEO’s can work with Directors using this format as well.

Board Relationship Assessment

The relationship between CEO’s and their board is vital to the success of an organization.  Ensuring the relationship is healthy and each can perform their duties optimally is important. A relationship health assessment can assist CEO’s and Boards in understanding what is working and what needs attention in their relationship. Confidential semi-structured interviews, focus groups, observation and qualitative questionnaires are among the tools available to assess CEO/Board health.


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