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Leadership is about believing you can make a difference.

It’s about embracing the idea that everything is up to you. Sounds radical, but please read on. For example, what would it mean to proceed through life believing that it was your responsibility … Read More

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Are you Mentally Safe at Work?


Do you feel safe at work? 

Maybe you feel physically safe, especially if you take precautions, including using safety equipment, or protecting yourself from repetitive strain injuries at the office. 

But, what about your psychological safety? 

Keeping psychologically safe

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Hate your job but can’t quit? 4 ways to remodel your job

Maybe it’s just a rough patch?

Still, the job’s a grind–it doesn’t inspire like it used to.  But most of the time we get over it and the spark comes back.

But, what if it doesn’t? What then?

What do

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