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Holiday Stress

It’s the Holiday Season

A stressful time for many.

With all the hustle and bustle,

And keeping it together at work

It can feel like something’s got to give….

Here’s how to handle the stress of the holiday season.


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Eating at Desk

Why Are You Snacking At Work?

Are you snacking-on-the-job?

Munching on a treat, or slurping down a sugary, or caffeinated beverage?

Not to worry, you’re not a snack-addict.

The fact is we snack more at work than at home.

Sometimes it’s healthy.

And, sometimes not.


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When No One Listens: Abused At Work

When someone is bullied or sexually harassed at work.

They need an apology, validation and acknowledgement to begin their recovery.

These are often hard to come by.

But, they are a powerful antidote to abuse on-the-job.

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