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What are Conflict Cultures and How to Handle Them

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Have you ever been in a fight at work?

Your answer probably depends on the way your organization handles conflict and disagreements, and it affects everything from customer service, to creativity, to staff burn-out rates.

According to workplace psychologist Dr.

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Unresolved Conflict Harms Team Productivity and Morale

In the workplace, teams will inevitably face conflict at some point. How they confront it affect productivity and their own satisfaction. In our last column, we discussed how high-performing teams handle conflicts. This column examines what happens when teams run

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Resolving Team Conflict

The saying, “Can’t work with ’em and can’t work without ’em,” can ring true for many working in teams. Today’s workplace teams must manage conflict before and as it arises. If they can work together collaboratively and constructively, they tend

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Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace

Whenever groups of people gather, conflicts happen. Today’s workplace, with its hierarchical structure, power relationships and increased workloads, can be a breeding ground for conflict.

Conflict at work is not always full of raised voices and name-calling. It can be

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Social Apathy

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It’s the height of summer, and some employees are eager to celebrate the hot weather by kicking back with colleagues by planning work BBQ’s, hikes and charity events together. It all sounds fun, but not everyone is so keen, and

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Is Your Job Harming Your Family?

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Stressful jobs wreak havoc on families. Unmanageable workloads, demanding bosses or colleagues who slack-off can take a toll. While workers take the brunt, their families suffer too.

According to workplace psychologist Dr. Jennifer Newman, it’s common for employees in such

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Is Lying At Work a Good Thing?


There’s been a lot of talk lately about alternate facts and fake news. In other words, lying. Yet, it turns out many of us manufacture our own brands of fake news and alternate facts, especially at work. Everything from faking

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Couples Counselling

If you relationship feels stuck in a rut, or is in crisis, couple’s counselling may be helpful to making lasting change.

Being able to understand each other, resolve conflicts between you, influence one another and take responsibility for one self

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Family Counselling

Family therapy assists your family in meeting challenges including: life cycle transitions like newly-wed life, new parenthood, death of a loved one, difficulties with a child, conflict, impact of work on family life or coping with an empty nest.


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Beat the Heat and the Smoke at Work

heat stress

It’s hot and smoky due to several wild fires burning in BC.

Staying cool and smoke-free at work is harder when the weather heats up.

Especially for those who work outdoors.

And, not watching your temperature, or following air quality

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